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The top five benefits of IT certification in 2018

As we approach the New Year of 2018, we will be making resolutions that we promise ourselves to keep. The resolution that is probably at the top of everyone’s list is weight loss, or something like it.  While this is undoubtedly important, why not make career advancement with an IT Certification an even higher priority?


An introduction to the internet of things

Just stop for a minute and think about how much we are connected to our wireless devices.  For example, we use them every day to communicate with family and friends via email, text message, video sharing, etc.  If something were to happen to it, if it got lost or stolen, we would be paralyzed.

Holiday gift

Share the gift of education this holiday

Organizations throughout the world are making daily mistakes when it comes to their cybersecurity practices. Some of these mistakes can cost millions of dollars, and damage reputations. It may seem like the easiest solution to avoiding such mistakes is turning to the latest security tech, when really the best defense is already within your organization; your employees.

Cybersecurity training

The CySA+ is now more important than ever

It’s no secret  that there are many IT certification options in the world today.  You may be asking, “Which one do I get?”  Well, that is of course up to you and what your primary career objectives are.  If you are specifically drawn to the cybersecurity world, there is one cert you should consider very seriously: The Cyber Security Analyst certification, also known as the CySA+.

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How to stay safe online this holiday season

We have finished the Thanksgiving Holiday and started the Christmas shopping season. There is no doubt that the parking lots will be filled with last minute shoppers getting gifts for family and friends. However, many will opt to stay at home in the comforts of their jammies and smartphone technology, to shop online instead.