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It can be difficult to find reliable material structured in a way that matches your curriculum needs. At Ascend Education, we provide all of the coursework and materials to get your students started on their IT journey – enabling you to focus on teaching and mentoring your students.

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Course Features

State of the art videos

Your students will have access to engaging videos designed to educate with the most current content available in IT training. This format enhances their learning experience and retention, providing the best possible preparation for taking certification exams and entering the workspace.

12 Month Access

All students who use Ascend Education courseware receive access for 12 months. In this way, after they finish your class, your students can continue to prepare for certification or reinforce key concepts and learning. Those students who wish to seriously pursue the subject matter and a career in IT particularly benefit from extended access.

Virtual Labs

Virtual labs run software on real computers. Through our courseware, each of your students will gain access to complete software and hardware resources that help them more fully engage in experiential learning and discovery. They will be able to increase their learning and understand important concepts  through a virtual hands-on approach.

Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of the final exam, students are able to generate a certificate of completion that they can either print, share, or store as a file for future use. 

Textbook Quality Content

Written by industry experts, our course content is designed to replace your textbook. With an easy-to-follow structure for your class, it also includes practice quizzes and final exams saving you countless hours from having to prepare them and grade them yourself.

Instructor Slides

Instructors receive access to a downloadable slide deck that provides a basic structure for lectures and coordinates with the other material in the course. Teachers can use the slides as they are or make whatever adjustments they need to match up with their planned lecture.


Students will have access to practice quizzes and a final exam. Practice quiz questions are found throughout the course and will help students know which areas they are understanding well, and which areas they may need to work on before taking their final exam. Our practice questions are also helpful preparation for students who plan on taking a certification exam.

Easy-To-Use LMS Including Integration

Each course is built on our professionally designed Learning Management System (LMS). Courses can fully integrate with popular LMS’s like Canvas, Blackboard, D2L and others, making it easy to track your students’ progress. All course materials are intragable using deep linking integration.

Our courses include the most up-to-date curriculum and content available. Contact us today for more information on our IT courses.


“The CySA course material from Ascend has improved our cybersecurity courses significantly. Students have been impressed by the clean interface, and impressive video content. The integrated hands-on labs excelled their work in the classroom. As an instructor, the content integration in our LMS was a lifesaver. It saved time and effort in regards to maintaining grades. The staff at Ascend Education are prompt, courteous and responsive to any questions or concerns we had throughout the semester. Overall, I would highly recommend Ascend course materials.”
“Ascend Education has helped prepare my students for success with their CompTIA Security+ exams after only one quarter! The detailed labs and content that mirrors the objectives of the exam makes Ascend’s access a fantastic tool for success. The implementing policy server’s lab has even helped my students gain attention from a local company and helped give them internship opportunities. I cannot thank Ascend enough, as an instructor their organization has been more of a family to me than a business. They understand that I value my students’ success and collectively help make it the most important part of what we do.”

Not a Professor?

Ascend Education is available to students and IT professionals looking to hone their skills at all levels. Whether you are seeking to get your first certification, looking for material to train your team, or simply looking to boost your resume, Ascend Education has a variety of courses available to help you take the next step in your IT journey. Click here for information on our IT training.

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Our Courses

Ascend Education delivers superior quality video instruction, virtual labs, written lessons, practice questions and a final exam to instructors and students. We pride ourselves on having the most current materials on the market today.  Most of Ascend Education’s courses map to an industry certification. Our course library offers all the training students need to get started on an IT journey. Instructors and professionals can have access to and choose from courses for CompTIA, CISCO, Microsoft, Axelos, Amazon, and more.

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We are confident that our all-inclusive courseware and curriculum will make your life as an instructor easier. Try it today!  Schedule a course demonstration with one of our representatives and get free instructor access. After the demonstration instructors can then use the access to perform their own evaluation of the course at no cost to them or their institution.

Who We are

About Ascend Education

Here at Ascend Education, our goal is to bring instructors and students the most up to date IT materials and training available on the market today. We use the feedback we get from clients along with years of combined experience to continue improving resources, coursework, and materials. This ensures that IT students and professionals are on top of their game and are ready to enter or continue their journey in the IT world.

With our hands-on approach, IT students, and professionals can get a real-time feel for the IT profession. This enables them to gain the knowledge they are seeking and the confidence needed to know they will be successful in the workplace.

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Our Partners

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Check out our latest blog posts. We answer frequently asked questions as well as keep our students and professionals current on many IT industry standards and developments.

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