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Whether you’re training your team of employees, or instructing your class of students at your training center, our courseware has been designed to make your life easier. Toss the pricey textbook, and engage your learners in a fully interactive curriculum. Fill out the form and a representative will reach out to discuss your specific needs.

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At Ascend Education, we understand how important it is to try a product before you buy it. That’s why we give you the opportunity to test drive our courses and access the real materials, with one of our team members ready and willing to answer any questions you may have. We are very happy to provide you with a FREE Demo for any course.

When you request a demo, one of our representatives will reach out to schedule it at a time that is convenient for you. After the short demonstration, the representative will provide FULL access to the courses of your choice. You’ll then have the opportunity to try out the course features on your own and see what sets our courses apart from the competition!


High Quality Courseware

We provide high quality, affordable IT courseware. Students receive cloud-based, regularly updated resources at a price much lower than a textbook, and you receive free instructor access. Submit the form to request academic pricing. You may also request a walk-through of the course. Find out why so many instructors are turning to Ascend Education for their curriculum needs.

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Virtual labs take learning to the next level with a hands-on approach that prepares individuals for a career in the real world. These labs run on real computers and come complete with both software and hardware resources. The included practice questions ensure students are confident when the time comes to sit for the certification exam. Professionals utilizing Ascend Education’s course ware with video instruction, written lessons, labs, and practice exams will be ready for employment in the IT industry in no time.
Each Ascend Education course contains text that was written by industry experts. The written portion of each course acts like a textbook replacement for individuals. If you are looking to pass a certification exam, you can trust that the text has been written with you in mind. The order and format of each course prepares you to be successful on your exam. The text sections coincide with the labs, videos and assessments teaching a particular topic.
Ascend Education is an official CompTIA partner. For any course associated with a CompTIA certification exam, individuals can ask for a discount code to apply toward their exam voucher.
A great benefit of utilizing Ascend Education for IT training purposes is the captivating training videos. These state-of-the-art videos contain the most prevailing information from their field and are designed entirely with the IT student in mind. Studies have shown that short, engaging videos significantly increase the amount of information someone can absorb. Ascend has applied this principle to all of its video material.
Assessment questions are included in each course. Practice quizzes and a final exam have been prepared by industry experts to help individuals feel confident in taking the vendor exam. The practice quiz questions in each section of the course help individuals know which areas they are understanding well, and which areas they may need to work on before taking their final exam.
You will not find a more complete learning solution on the market! Ascend Education courses are built on an easy-to-navigate, color-coded platform. Each section contains virtual labs, videos, written text, assessments and more. Professionals utilizing Ascend Education’s course ware will not need any supplementary materials to pass their exam, and will be IT job ready in no time.