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Why Choose Us

Ascend Education has something for every type of IT learner. Written text isn’t the only way for students to gain knowledge, which is why we have added video content, labs, and assessment questions to help students engage in discovery and apply what they learn. Our instructor testimonials show how much Ascend has been able to make life easier for the professionals teaching IT.

Prepare Students for Their Exams

The expert written text lessons have everything a student needs to study for their final or certification exam. Practice assessment questions have been added to give students confidence in the areas they are proficient in, and awareness of where they need to improve. Give these quizzes as assignments or use them for a midterm or final.

Prepare Students for the Workforce

Watch as your students get a feel for their future job with a hands-on approach through The courseware’s virtual labs. The labs run on real hardware preparing the students with real-life scenarios and situations that also include both software and hardware resources. This firsthand experience will ensure that your students are well-prepared for their final exams and a future career in the IT field.

Increase Learning Absorption

A great benefit of utilizing Ascend Education for IT educational purposes is the captivating training videos. These state-of-the-art videos contain the most prevailing information from their field and are designed entirely with the IT student in mind. Studies have shown that short, engaging videos significantly increase the amount of information a student can absorb. Ascend has applied this principle to all of its video material.  

Make Your Life Easier

Ascend Education strives to provide  IT educators with the most up-to-date materials and training information available on the market today. Our goal is to ensure that you can pass this valuable information onto each one of your students, which is why we have added a downloadable instructor slide deck to our courses to provide structure to your lectures. The layout of each course is highly intuitive and navigable, and gradebook integration makes it easy for you to track students’ progress

Who We Are

Ascend Education has set out to make the lives of instructors and students easier with a complete courseware solution. Ascend Education offers some of the most all-inclusive and current content available in the IT industry today. Our experience in the industry has  familiarized us with the struggles that many professors encounter while trying to find the right curriculum. 

It can seem like a daunting task when searching for reliable materials and coursework. It is important to find resources that will keep students engaged and learning while ensuring that they are completely prepared for their final exams, and their future in the field of IT. Ascend has positioned itself to deliver that solution for instructors and students.

What We Do

Ascend delivers a complete courseware solution for IT instructors and their students. Text instruction, video lessons, virtual labs, quizzes, and a final exam make the life of an instructor easier, freeing them up to focus on their students. All of our content is delivered in a comprehensive format through our LMS, designed by our expert instructional design team. 

Deep-link integration with gradebook and content means that students and instructors never have to leave their home environment. A downloadable slide deck that instructors can add to, change, or take away from works as a lecture outline for those who need a helpful lecture outline solution. Comprehensive student, instructor and technical support help bridge the gap with any questions or issues.

Our Courses

Ascend Education delivers superior quality video instruction, virtual labs, written lessons, practice questions and a final exam to instructors and students. We pride ourselves on having the most current materials on the market today.  Most of Ascend Education’s courses map to an industry certification. Our course library offers all the training students need to get started on an IT journey. Instructors and professionals can have access to and choose from courses for CompTIA, CISCO, Microsoft, Axelos, Amazon, and more.

Course Features

State of the art videos

Your students will have access to engaging videos designed to educate with the most current content available in IT training. This format enhances their learning experience and retention, providing the best possible preparation for taking certification exams and entering the workspace.

12 Month Access

All students who use Ascend Education courseware receive access for 12 months. In this way, after they finish your class, your students can continue to prepare for certification or reinforce key concepts and learning. Those students who wish to seriously pursue the subject matter and a career in IT particularly benefit from extended access.

Virtual Labs

Virtual labs run software on real computers. Through our courseware, each of your students will gain access to complete software and hardware resources that help them more fully engage in experiential learning and discovery. They will be able to increase their learning and understand important concepts  through a virtual hands-on approach.

Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of the final exam, students are able to generate a certificate of completion that they can either print, share, or store as a file for future use. 

Textbook Quality Content

Written by industry experts, our course content is designed to replace your textbook. With an easy-to-follow structure for your class, it also includes practice quizzes and final exams saving you countless hours from having to prepare them and grade them yourself.

Instructor Slides

Instructors receive access to a downloadable slide deck that provides a basic structure for lectures and coordinates with the other material in the course. Teachers can use the slides as they are or make whatever adjustments they need to match up with their planned lecture.


Students will have access to practice quizzes and a final exam. Practice quiz questions are found throughout the course and will help students know which areas they are understanding well, and which areas they may need to work on before taking their final exam. Our practice questions are also helpful preparation for students who plan on taking a certification exam.

Easy-To-Use LMS Including Integration

Each course is built on our professionally designed Learning Management System (LMS). Courses can fully integrate with popular LMS’s like Canvas, Blackboard, D2L and others, making it easy to track your students’ progress. All course materials are intragable using deep linking integration.

Our courses include the most up-to-date curriculum and content available. Contact us today for more information on our IT courses.

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Our Partners

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Our number one priority is to make your job as an instructor easier. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your experience using our course-ware, our support team is available to assist you with whatever it takes to help you and your students reach your goals.

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