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Windows server 2019 active Directory

Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Active Directory

Progress your students learning in server management with this Windows Server 2019 Active Directory course created and designed by Windows Server experts. This course provides a hands-on environment where you can experience real life decision-making and troubleshoot scenarios.

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Virtual labs

Hands-on Experience

In the IT industry there are often multiple ways to reach a solution. That’s why we provide advanced virtual labs that allow you to make decisions and solve problems in a variety of ways. These labs give you an opportunity to make mistakes and see how your actions affect a real system, just like it would on the job.

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Your annual subscription includes textbook quality written content, visual aids, and video demonstrations. Get the knowledge you need to pursue a career path in the Microsoft technologies industry with this all-inclusive Microsoft Windows Server 2019 course.

Course Summary

This Windows Server 2019 Active Directory course includes four different components, allowing you as an IT professional to gain a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Active Directory. Through the use of engaging visual content, assessments, labs, and written content you’ll learn how to install, manage, configure, and monitor different virtualization platforms. The course covers everything from managing and maintaining AD DS and group policy settings, with implementing identity federation and access solutions, to authentication and account policies relating to active directory in enterprise! With this course, active directory will be a strong tool in your professional arsenal in a server management career.

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Virtual Labs

Text Lessons


Section Quizzes

Practice Exam

Video Lessons

Virtual Labs

Text Lessons



Practice Exam

Course Features

Virtual Labs

Virtual labs give you experience practicing and implementing the skills you’ll learn about in this Microsoft Windows Server 2019 course. These labs run on real hardware that enable you to develop the hands-on hardware and operating system skills required to work in the IT industry. Within the sandbox environment, you can make mistakes and see how their actions affect a real system. This is different from a simulated lab where participants are led through a simulated environment that has only one solution and a single path to accomplish a given task. Your access to a complete software and hardware resource helps you fully engage in discovery, solution finding, and problem solving. 

State-of-the-art videos

Ascend Education’s videos are engaging and present the most current content available in computer hardware and operating systems training. The format of our videos was designed by expert instructional designers in order to increase learning absorption; studies have shown that instructional videos that are less than 6 minutes in length result in improved learning. 

The video content for this course includes definitions, examples, comparisons, an overview of difficult topics found in the text and thorough demonstrations of what is covered in the material. This format enhances your learning experience and retention, allowing you to fully understand the concepts this course will cover. 

Textbook Quality Written Content

Written by leading industry experts, our online Windows Server 2019 text material is designed to replace your textbook. The detailed text lessons cover all the crucial topics necessary for you to gain the computer hardware and operating systems knowledge needed in order to advance in your career. The written content (along with all other course material) is delivered on a professionally designed LMS that automatically tracks your progress as you complete a given section. 


This Microsoft Windows Server 2019 course includes practice quizzes and a final exam prepared by industry experts. Practice quiz questions are found in each section of the course and will help you know which areas you are understanding well, and which areas you may need to work on before taking their final exam. 

Course Curriculum

  • What’s Covered in our Windows Server 2019 Administration Course Curriculum:

Chapter 1: Install and Configure Active Directory Domain Services

  • Install and configure Domain Controllers
  • Create and manage Active Directory users and computers
  • Create and manage Active Directory groups and organizational units (OUs)


Chapter 2: Managing Active Directory Objects

  • Automate Account Creation
  • Perform Bulk AD Operations
  • Configuring User Rights
  • Manage inactive and Disabled Accounts
  • Object Creation and customization using Templates
  • Manage Logon Times and other User Properties
  • Manage Network Printing and Printer Deployment

Chapter 3: Manage and Maintain AD DS 

  • Configure service authentication and account policies
  • Maintain Active Directory
  • Configure Active Directory in a complex enterprise environment
  • Metadata cleanup and configuration
  • AD Object recovery using AD Recycle Bin
  • AD Restoration


Chapter 4: Create and Manage group Policy

  • Group Policy Overview
  • Create and manage Group Policy Objects
  • Configure Group Policy processing
  • Configure Group Policy settings
  • Configure Group Policy preferences
  • Client-Side Extensions and GPO forced Updates

Chapter 5: Group Policy Settings

  • Software Installations
  • GP Scripting
  • Utilizing Security Templates
  • Configuring Property Filters in Templates
  • Folder Redirection
  • GP Client Firewall and Security Settings


Chapter 6: Implement Active Directory Certificate Services

  • Install and configure AD Enterprise Certificate Services
  • Root and Subordinate CAs
  • Manage certificates
  • Apply Certificates to Group Policy for Client Trust
  • Request Certificates from Third Party Vendors
  • Certificate Revocation
  • Online Responders
  • CA Backup and Recovery


Chapter 7: Implement Identity Federation and Access Solutions

  • Install and configure Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS)
  • Implement Web Application Proxy (WAP)
  • Install and configure Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS)
  • Claims Based Authentication
  • Authentication Policies
  • ADFS with Microsoft Passport
  • Configure for Use with Azure and Microsoft 365


Chapter 8: Configure Service Authentication and Account Policies

  • Configuring Services and Group Managed Service Accounts
  • Manage Service Principal Names (SPNs)
  • Virtual Account Management
  • Group Policy Kerberos policy, password settings, password policy settings, and account lockout settings

Chapter 9: Active Directory in the Enterprise

  • Multi-Master Domains
  • Multi Forest AD Infrastructure
  • AD Trees
  • AD Sites and Services
  • AD Domain and Forest Functional Levels
  • Creating a Multi Forest Trust
  • Trusts Between Realms
  • User Principal Name Suffixes
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