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Windows Server 2019

Microsoft Windows Server 2019

This Windows Server 2019 course was designed to give students the ability to manage Microsoft technologies in their future careers. Our courses integrate seamlessly with your current Learning Management System and are easily personalized to match your teaching style. Our courseware includes quizzes, assessments, and a final exam, allowing you to spend less time preparing and grading assignments.  

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Virtual labs

Hands-on Experience

This course provides a unique, hands-on environment that gives students the opportunity to implement the skills they are learning in real life scenarios. These labs allow students to experiment with Microsoft programs and make changes to see how they would apply to a real system. Not only does this learning environment better prepare them for the future, it also gives them an opportunity to test new ideas and grow their overall understanding of Microsoft Windows Server 2019.

Get Students Career ready

Streamline Your Process

As an instructor, you’ll find it easy to implement this courseware with your existing curriculum. Our Learning Management System is designed to integrate with other popular LMS programs and your gradebook. We’re also more than willing to customize this course to fit your needs. Ready your students for a career in the Microsoft technologies industry with this comprehensive course.

Course Summary

Our Windows Server 2019 curriculum is broken up into four courses:

  • Introduction to Windows Server 2019 Administration (740 equivalent)
  • Advanced Networking with Windows Server 2019 (741 equivalent)
  • Windows Server 2019 Active Directory and Group Policy (742 equivalent)
  • Securing Windows Server 2019 (744 equivalent)

Video Lessons

Virtual Labs

Text Lessons


Section Quizzes

Practice Exam

Instructor Tools



Student Progress Tracking

LMS Deep Link Integration

Video Lessons

Virtual Labs

Text Lessons



Practice Exam

Instructor Tools



Student Progress Tracking

LMS Deep Link Integration

Course Features

Virtual Labs

Virtual labs give students experience practicing and implementing the skills they will learn about in this Microsoft Windows Server 2019 course. These labs run on real hardware that enable students to develop the hands-on skills required in the Microsoft technologies industry. Within the sandbox environment, students can make mistakes and see how their actions affect a real system. This is different from a simulated lab where students are led through a simulated environment that has only one solution and a single path to accomplish a given task. A student’s access to a complete software and hardware resource helps them fully engage in discovery, solution finding, and problem solving. They will be able to earn their Microsoft certification or final grade with a truly hands-on approach that prepares them for the workforce.

State-of-the-art videos

Ascend Education’s videos are engaging and present the most current content available in Microsoft training. The format of our videos was designed by expert instructional designers in order to increase learning absorption; studies have shown that instructional videos that are less than 6 minutes in length result in improved learning

The video content for this course includes definitions, examples, comparisons, an overview of difficult topics found in the text and thorough demonstrations of what is covered in the material. This format enhances a student’s learning experience and retention, preparing them for their Microsoft certification exam and getting them job ready.

Textbook Quality Written Content

Written by leading industry experts, our online Microsoft Windows Server 2019 text material is designed to replace your textbook. The easy-to-follow structure of the text makes the life of the instructor and student easier. The detailed text lessons cover all the crucial topics necessary for students to pass their Microsoft certification exam and gain the network security knowledge they need in order to advance in their education and career. The written content (along with all other course material) is delivered on a professionally designed LMS that automatically tracks their progress as they complete a given section.


This Microsoft Windows Server 2019 course includes practice quizzes and a final exam prepared by industry experts. Practice quiz questions are found in each section of the course and will help students know which areas they are understanding well, and which areas they may need to work on before taking their final exam. 

The comprehensive final exam was created to help teachers assess a student’s understanding of the material from the first module to the last. Each quiz and final exam is linked to the instructor gradebook, so a teacher can track each student’s progress and have automatic grading. Instructors can also set the number of tries for each quiz to give students a chance to go back and review material if necessary. These assessments save instructors countless hours of having to prepare and grade quizzes and exams by themselves.

Easy-to-use LMS

Each course is built on our professionally designed Learning Management System (LMS). Ascend Education’s courses can fully integrate with popular LMS’s including Canvas, Blackboard, D2L and others, making it easy to track progress and manage the learning success of a given student or class. All course materials are integrated using deep linking integration. In this way, it never appears to the student that they have left the “home” environment of their own LMS. In instances where a given school does not have an LMS or allows integration, Ascend is only too happy to host the course inside our own Learning Management System, including delivering all the instructor tools and helpers described here.

Instructor Slides

Instructor slides provide structure for lectures. This Microsoft Windows Server 2019 course has a downloadable slide deck that coordinates with instructional material in the course. Teachers can use the slides as they are or make any desired adjustments necessary to fit their planned lecture.       

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Course Curriculum

What’s Covered in our 4 Windows Server 2019 Course Curriculums:

Module 1: Understanding Server Management

  • Windows Server 2019 Basics
  • Overview of Windows Server Core and Administration
  • Overview of Windows Server administration principles and tools

Module 2: Understanding Active Directory Identity Services

  • Overview of AD DS
  • Deploying Windows Server domain controllers
  • Understanding GPOs
  • Working with GPOs

Module 3: Introduction to Networking

  • Deploying and Managing DHCP
  • Deploying and managing DNS services and DNS components

Module 4: File Servers and Storage Management in Windows Server

  • Volumes and file systems in Windows Server
  • Implementing sharing in Windows Server
  • Implementing storage spaces in Windows Server
  • Implementing data deduplication
  • Understanding the iSCSI implementation model

Module 5: Hyper-V Virtualization

  • Hyper-V in Windows Server
  • Configuring VMs
  • Containers in Windows Server
  • Understanding Kubernetes Containers

Module 6: Overview to Windows Server Clusters

  • Planning for failover clustering implementation
  • Creating and configuring failover clusters
  • Overview of stretch clusters

Module 7: Introduction of VM and Containers

  • Hyper-V Replica
  • High-Availability and disaster recovery solutions with Hyper-V VMs
  • Backup and restore infrastructure in Windows Server

Module 8: Server and Performance Monitoring in Windows Server

  • Windows Server monitoring tools
  • Capacity planning
  • Monitoring event logs for troubleshooting

Module 1: Introduction to Networking

  • Deploying and managing DHCP
  • Deploy and manage DNS services and DNS components

Module 2: High Performance Network Solutions

  • Data Center Bridging (DCB)
  • Quality of Service (QOS)
  • Receive Side Scaling (RSS)
  • virtual Receive Side Scaling (vRSS)
  • Single-root I/O virtualization (SR-IOV)
  • Virtual Machine Queue (VMQ)
  • Switch Embedded Teaming (SET)
  • Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA)
  • Virtual Machine Multi-Queue (VMMQ)
  • Implementing sharing in Windows Server

Module 3: IPAM

  • Deploying and managing IPAM

Module 4: Implementing VPNs

  • VPN scenarios

Module 5: NPS

  • Introduction of NPS
  • An Active Directory domain
  • Always on VPN features and functionalities

Module 6: DFS Replication

  • Deploying DFS

Module 7: Hyper-V Virtualization

  • Hyper-V in Windows Server
  • Overview of Hyper-V
  • Other methods for managing Hyper-V on Windows Server
  • Best practices for configuring Hyper-V Hosts

Module 8: Software Defined Networking (SDN)

  • Hyper-V Network Virtualization (HNV)
  • Network Virtualization Generic Route Encapsulation (NVGRE)
  • Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN)
  • Software Load Balancer (SBL)

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