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Here at Ascend Education, we are delighted to share our courseware that has been specifically designed with IT professional students in mind. No need to quit your current job to enroll in a college class. This training solution is completely online and can be taken on your time. Throw out those traditional textbooks and replace them with our top-of-the-line content that has been authored by IT industry experts.

Monthly Subscription

Monthly subscribers gain instant access to our entire library of state-of-the-art videos containing the latest and newest content. Practice questions have been added to increase confidence in your ability to pass the certification exam. Subscribers have access to our course library for as long as they need, and can cancel anytime.

Train Your Team with Virtual Labs

Virtual labs take learning to the next level with a hands-on approach that prepares students for a career in the real world*. These labs run on real computers and come complete with both software and hardware resources. The included practice questions ensure students are confident when the time comes to sit for the certification exam. Professionals utilizing Ascend Education’s courseware with video instruction, written lessons , labs, and practice exams will be ready for employment in the IT industry in no time.

Get Certified and Get a Job

In this day and age, the IT job market can be difficult to navigate. That is why we aim to arm  professionals with the most current industry information available. It can be challenging to start a career in the IT field. Many hiring managers look for specific IT certifications during the hiring process and during employment reviews. Professionals with an IT certification have more opportunities to advance in their career, possibly a pay raise or added benefits that they might not have qualified for without their certification. IT certifications hold substantial value with any company looking to fill positions with employees that have  industry-standard training and experience.

Choose from a Range of Courses

Those using Ascend Education for their training needs will have the option to explore our informative and expansive course library. This library not only offers the training needed for a career in the IT field, but professionals are also able to create their own personalized educational roadmap that they can follow to reach their desired certifications. Students can start their IT education or increase their knowledge and certifications with Ascend Education. We are proud to offer Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, Amazon, and other certification courses that prepare our students and professionals for a successful future in the IT industry.

*Virtual labs are not included in the monthly subscription option.

What We Do

Ascend Education provides IT certification training courses to individuals looking to add skills and experience to their resume. Whether you are an individual wanting to advance your IT career, or you’re looking for a comprehensive solution to train your team at work, we’ve got you covered. Sign-up for a monthly subscription to our entire library of courses, or purchase 1-year access to a single course today!

Who We Are

What makes Ascend Education so great? The answer is simple: our courses have the material you need to succeed, all in one place. Our hands-on courses include video lessons, virtual labs, expert-level written instruction, practice quizzes, and a final exam.

Our Courses

Ascend Education delivers superior quality video instruction, virtual labs, written lessons, practice questions and a final exam to instructors and students. We pride ourselves on having the most current materials on the market today.  Most of Ascend Education’s courses map to an industry certification. Our course library offers all the training students need to get started on an IT journey. Instructors and professionals can have access to and choose from courses for CompTIA, CISCO, Microsoft, Axelos, Amazon, and more.

All Our Courseware,
One Low Price

As an IT professional, it’s likely that you’re looking to expand your knowledge in more than one area. That’s why we offer a monthly subscription option, where you can gain unlimited access to all of our courses for one monthly price!

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