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The top five benefits of IT certification in 2018

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As we approach the New Year of 2018, we will be making resolutions that we promise ourselves to keep. The resolution that is probably at the top of everyone’s list is weight loss, or something like it.  While this is undoubtedly important, why not make career advancement with an IT Certification an even higher priority?

There are numerous benefits to getting an IT Certification, some of which include the following:

1. A competitive job market:

True, the job market is hot right now, but it is also getting more competitive, especially in IT.  Recruiters and HR personnel literally receive hundreds of resumes a day.  Want to make yours stand out above the others?  Getting an IT Certification in your field will give you a competitive advantage which will make your resume stand out on top.

2. Get that promotion quicker:

When we get hired and work for a year or so, we all anticipate that first job review.  One of the first thoughts to cross our mind is not just about a raise, but also a promotion.  You have likely worked long hours trying to impress your boss, getting key IT projects done on time and on budget. But unfortunately, there is no guarantee that this will lead to a promotion. Want to increase your firepower to get promoted?  Get an IT Certification.  By doing so, you will show your boss that you are staying on the cutting edge of your field.

3. A huge impression upon your customer:

When a customer today is spending a lot of money on an IT project, they often either want to see resumes, or the project management and development teams face to face.  This is their way of getting assurances that not only will their money be spent wisely, but that the best of the best will be delivering the project deliverables.  Want to show your customer that you are better than the best?   Get an IT Certification.

4. Lucrative Networking Opportunities:

When you study for a particular IT certification, it will often be through a vendor (such as Microsoft, Cisco, Linux, Oracle, etc.).  And, when you do get certified by one of them, one of the intangibles is that you will gain access to information (such as magazines, job banks, online forums, etc.) that only the privileged few can get.  But, by getting an IT certification, you also get another huge benefit:  Access to closed door networking opportunities.  At these events, you can meet key leaders at these top IT organizations, and who knows – if you meet the right person, a more lucrative opportunity could be awaiting you!

5. Ensures job security:

The world of IT is notoriously known for one thing:  Cost cutting.  Whether this means doing a project offshore or hiring contractors instead of full time employees, managers want to do things on the cheap.  This also translates into job reductions as well.  While there is much truth in the statement that there is no such thing as job security, employers will tend to keep those employees who possess an IT certification longer.  After all, not only have they invested money into you to get that certification, but it also shows that you are determined to stay current of the latest trends and technologies. Not only does this benefit you, but your employer as well.

Are you interested in making IT Certification one of your New Year’s Resolutions?  Need help deciding which one to take and the best route to follow in order to get it?  Contact us today!

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