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Online Learning: How to Increase Student Engagement in IT Courses

The renowned Greek philosopher Plutarch once said, “Education is less about filling a bucket than igniting a fire.” That succinct metaphor captures the essence of teaching: sparking curiosity, fostering critical thinking skills, and cultivating a desire to learn. To truly “ignite that fire,” consider integrating online computer courses into your instructional repertoire. Below are five reasons why incorporating online training can revolutionize your classroom:


Careers and Loving The Jobs We Have

We all go into the career field wondering if we’re going to love the job we have. Many people spend their whole lifetime and their whole career dreading their job or hating their boss, miserable till the day they retire, quit, or get fired.

Start your IT career

How To Start Your Career In IT-Part 2

In our previous blog post on starting your career in IT we discussed answers to common questions facing those seeking a career in IT. In this part of the series, we wanted to add to the suggestions, and give you an even bigger leg up on the competition.