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Who should take responsibility for the cybersecurity skills gap?




We know there is a major skills gap in the cybersecurity industry. Ever-growing cyber threats are increasing the demand of cyber talent, but there aren’t enough people with the skills to fill these positions. Who is responsible for filling this gap?

Brian Murphy, CEO and founder of ReliaQuest, shares his opinion on the topic. He believes it is the responsibility of cyber leaders to improve the skills gap.

“Business leaders must shift their expectations and focus on three basic principles to help address the issue.” says Murphy. “Hire for values, not skills; upskill current employees with an effective learning culture; and invest in future generation of cyber defenders.”

Check out the rest of his article for his recommendations on how business leaders can help fill the gap. Our online cybersecurity course offers great resources to help IT students and professionals hone their cyber skills. The course includes textbook quality written lessons, virtual labs, practice quizzes and video demonstrations. Contact us to learn more or to get a walkthrough of the course.

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