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Importance of IT Certification



The use and development of information technology is continually bringing about changes in education and the professional world. You might ask, “why do I need the certification if I’m already getting a degree in IT?” Or maybe, “why do I need a certification after working in the field for many years?” No matter where you are in your career, getting more certifications can only help increase your knowledge and set you on the right career path.

Benefits of Getting Certified

Getting IT certified will accelerate your career, whether you are preparing to enter it or are already employed. Any certification will help you gain additional knowledge in a convenient way that works for you. Ascend Education provides the flexibility to complete courses on your time from any location to prepare for a certification exam.

By going through the online courses you will give yourself more career opportunities because of the skillsets you’re building. The additional knowledge and skills will set you apart from other candidates and colleagues. When an employer is looking at your certification filled resume, they will know that you understand certain concepts and are dedicated to your craft.

Courses to Get You Started

When looking at all of the courses, the best strategy is to find one at your skill  level that interests you most. Some of the popular courses that employers find useful when hiring for different job positions are AWS, CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+. These courses are popular because they are foundational and provide basic knowledge on specific subjects.

Should You Get Certified? 

To put it simply, yes you should. No matter where you’re at in your career, a certification will keep you up to date with the relevant information needed to succeed in the ever changing industry.

For those who are new to the industry, a certification can help you break in by gaining experience and education. Individuals holding entry level positions in the field can benefit from taking courses designed to expand your capabilities and solidifying your expertise. For senior level professionals, brushing up on certifications will keep you informed on how technology is changing, helping you make better decisions.

IT certifications can only benefit you in your career, and online courses are the best way to prepare for the exams. Wherever you are and whatever time you have, start an online course to prepare for your next certification today.

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