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How long does it take to complete an IT course?




When it comes to IT training, you need courses that are both comprehensive and accessible. This is where online IT training options come in. These courses provide in-depth training modules that feature a flexible, DIY approach to learning IT. With a customizable training structure, you’ll be able to complete IT training even if you have other daily responsibilities like work or a family.

But how long does it take to complete online IT training courses? That all depends on the type of certifications you seek, as well as how much time you can dedicate to your schooling. Luckily, there are plenty of options when it comes to IT certifications that will land you the IT job of your dream. Find out more about online IT training options and how long they take to complete below.

Online IT training overview

Before you take the leap into an online IT training course, be sure to set out enough time for your studies. It can take anywhere from two to five months to complete IT training. It all depends on which course you take and how much time you can dedicate to complete each certification.

One way you can decrease the time it takes to complete IT exams is by working with other IT professionals. Create a support system so that you can ask questions, form study plans, and stay on track for success. Depending on the training course, you may need to pass multiple exams to gain your certification.

We’ve broken down a few of the most common IT training modules and how long they typically take to complete below. Whether you’re completing a Microsoft, CompTIA, or AWS course, review the following so you can be prepared.

Less than three months

There are a few entry-level courses you can complete quickly in order to further your IT education. Before moving on straight away to the more advanced classes, consider taking one of these basic courses first. This will give you a solid foundation of IT knowledge in less than 12 weeks. A course like the AWS Solutions Architect or AWS Cloud Practitioner course provides entry-level AWS information relating to security, compliance, basic global infrastructure, and more.

Three months

Many online IT courses require multiple exams to certify. This is why a three month window is recommended for most of these courses. Entry- to mid-level courses, like the Cloud+ or Server+ courses, provide in-depth learning objectives that require more time to complete. In these fundamental IT courses, you’ll learn important information regarding programming, security, technical skills, and more. Upon completion, you’ll be able to enter the workforce with cutting-edge knowledge and IT expertise. 

Other courses that fit in this timeline are our Virtualization, PenTest+ and Linux+ courses.

More than three months

There are a few reasons an IT course could take longer than three months. Setting aside enough time to study so you can pass the exams on the first try is a big factor. Some advanced-level IT courses may also take you more time to complete. Courses like Network+ or Security+ require more time and effort compared to other mid-level courses. This is because these types of courses are designed for seasoned professionals or for individuals with first-hand experience in the industry. Other courses that are likely to take longer than three months are the IT Fundamentals+ course and the Cisco CCNA course.

To find the best IT course for your skill set, contact Ascend Education.

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