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Announcing: Windows Server 2019 Active Directory Course



Ascend Education is excited to announce the release of its Windows Server 2019 Active Directory (similar to 742) course. This adds to the Ascend Education Windows Server 2019 Series that already contains an introductory admin course (similar to 740), and an advanced networking course (similar to 741).

Ascend Education is a young, fast growing IT courseware company that provides curriculum resources for IT instructors, students, and professionals. When Microsoft chose to stop offering guided content on how to use their server products, in the Spring of 2021, Ascend stepped in to fill the gap with premium content. 

The Microsoft Windows Server 2019 course covers the following topics:

  • Install and Configure Active Directory Domain Services
  • Managing Active Directory Objects 
  • Manage and Maintain AD DS 
  • Create and Manage Group Policy
  • Group Policy Settings 
  • Implement Active Directory Certificate Services
  • Implement Identity Federation and Access Solutions 
  • Configure Service Authentication and Account Policies 
  • Active Directory in the Enterprise

Ascend has always had their sights set on offering a comprehensive product in an industry that often only offers bits and pieces of an effective curriculum. The courses are set up to assist individuals who are pursuing employment in the IT field, and instructors who are teaching the future of the IT industry. Ascend courses provide high quality videos, virtual labs, written content, assessments, and instructor slides all packed into a simple, easy to use LMS. The courses can fully integrate with any schools’ LMS so instructors can track students’ success. 

Beyond educators ranging from high school to university level that are increasingly seeking after this integrated solution, individuals delving into the tech industry are coming to Ascend for certification training. Ascend creates a learning environment that helps students practice real world skills as the need for IT positions grows. 

A recent article from stated that “The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 12% growth rate between 2018 and 2028, which is much faster than the average for all occupations. And according to an industry research report from CompTIA, the global information technology market is expected to reach $5 trillion this year.”

As IT careers sky-rocket in demand, the need for certification has become more and more important. With Ascend’s new Windows Server 2019 course, anyone can learn the essentials of Active Directory Domain Services and how to keep key company information structured and accessible for the right individuals. 

Ascend helps its customers go higher as it creates new, cutting-edge, innovative learning solutions. 

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