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What To Do When You Find Yourself Saying “I Hate My Job”

I hate my job



You’re stuck in a monotonous rut at your nine to five job. You wake up in the morning saying, “I hate my job. I hate my job. I hate my job.” It continues as you get in the car and drive to work. You feel the hate as you sit there on your lunch break staring at your phone. You can’t help but hate your job every time your boss gives you a new set of rules to follow. The dread of going back to work the next day fills your soul as you clock out and get ready to sit through rush hour traffic. All of this for what? A paycheck?

Your job should light you up. It is proven that if you enjoy your work, you will reap a myriad of benefits. Your health can improve, your productivity can improve, and your relationships can improve, just to name a few.

So, what are you left to do? You can stick with your dead end job that you hate, hoping that you will move up one day (which won’t happen if you hate your job). Or, you could invest in yourself, apply for a job search, and start looking for something that lights you up.

Why you should start a job search

In the words of the hip hop artist Andy Mineo, you’ve got two choices: “make moves or make excuses.” In other words, if you are not actively making decisions to improve your life situation, then you are left to sit back and make excuses as to why your life never panned out the way you hoped it would.

By starting a job search, you are manifesting that you believe in yourself. You believe that you deserve a more fulfilling career – not just a job. You believe that you are capable of something greater than punching the clock at a job you hate. You believe that work can be more than bearable; it can be fun!

It’s important to remember this fact: even if you don’t land the job you want, by simply taking the step to search for a new job, you are showing that you believe in yourself and that you have worth in the workforce.

Which career should you pursue?

Choosing which career to pursue is a tough decision. In fact, most colleges in the United States allow their students to wait until their sophomore year to declare a major because they know how difficult it can be to make decisions for your future career.

We recommend that you choose a field of work that allows you to be flexible and dynamic. Your new career should give you room to grow into various roles within an industry. For example, if you are currently working for a corporation in their customer service department, you might consider transitioning into a career in the marketing or IT industries. These two industries give you a lot of opportunity for growth because they encompass many different jobs, and you can apply the skills you learned in your previous role.

The Five Steps To Finding Your Dream Job

Many people struggle to find a career that lights them up every morning as they leave for work. So how can you do it?

Step 1: Write down EVERYTHING that interests you. It can be anything from football to clothes to flowers. It might sounds dumb or juvenile. That’s okay. You are the only person reading this list, so write it all down.

Step 2: Take your list of interests, and cross off everything that doesn’t have the ability to make you money. For example, you might be really passionate about rebuilding old clocks. If there isn’t a way for that passion to make you money, cross it off the list. It’s a great hobby, but not a good business.

Step 3: On the same list, cross off everything you aren’t GREAT at. For example, you might be really passionate about fantasy football, but you know you aren’t the best fantasy football coordinator. That’s okay. You have a fun hobby, but you won’t be successful at it as a full time job. Cross it off the list.

Step 4: You should now have a list of things that you are not only passionate about, but you are also really good at. Do your best to categorize each list item into career genres. For example, if you are passionate about cooking, and you know you are really good at it, then it would be categorized as “food and beverage.” As another example, if you are really passionate about logos and branding, and you are creative enough to make your own, then you could categorize this as “graphic design/creative services.” The idea of this step is to narrow down which industries of the workforce are calling your name.

Step 5: Discover what you lack. This step is extremely important, because you will never get a career in your field of choice if you don’t prepare for it. If you are passionate and have a knack for venture capital, start reading all you can about investing and startups. Discover what you lack in order to get into the industry, and start learning it now. The sooner the better.

It’s very important that you follow all 5 steps on this list. If you elect to disregard one of the steps, you are more likely to end up back in a job that you hate. You might hate that you don’t make enough money. You might hate that you don’t understand your job. You might hate that you don’t feel fulfilled in your work. It’s too dangerous to avoid even one of these steps, so make sure you take your time with each step.

Let us help you

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Our online IT classes aren’t just a bunch of boring videos from 1999. We offer interactive classes with virtual labs so you can actually apply the things you are learning. Our course material has been written by current industry professionals, so that you engage in applicable learning, not just following some old textbook. You’ll graduate from our program in a manner of weeks with industry-recognized certification.

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