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How you can make the most out of being an IT professional




When you were asked as a child what you wanted to be when you grew up, did you even know about information technology? You may have heard the term “computer science” in school, but that was usually to learn about Microsoft Word. Your dream job may not have been in IT, but it can certainly be a lucrative career path with various options for advancement. Not to mention, it’s a career with constant job security as the world of tech is constantly evolving and businesses are required to keep up. In this article, we will discuss how to get a tech job and how to make yourself competitive in the computer science industry.


An entry-level position in IT typically requires an associate degree and some technical training, but in some cases no more than a high school diploma is needed. Most companies will be flexible in whether or not you have the piece of paper if you can prove that you have the necessary tech skills. Online education has made it easier than ever to quickly prepare for a career at your own pace rather than attend typical college terms. This learning platform also enables you to focus your studies on a specific career path, such as computer science, as opposed to typical curriculum that intermingles a variety of unnecessary course topics. For example, if you decide a tech job is your dream job, you could take an online course specifically about virtualization programs at your own pace and be able to list it as a skill on your resume. Many online education courses also offer certifications to make your skills even more official.


Online education can be utilized for more than just landing your dream job; it can also be used to land a promotion or pay increase in your current tech job. If paying for online courses is holding you back, remember that many companies are willing to reimburse their employees for continued education courses. Employers value individuals that show initiative and a drive to further their career. Many tech companies hire individuals as level one or specialists and eventually promote to level two or associates after employees prove they have job-specific skills. However, this job promotion could come along much quicker if you were to incorporate online computer science courses. An entry-level job as Tech Support Specialist I makes between $30,000 – $40,000 per year and typically requires no more than a high school diploma. A job as a Service Desk Analyst pays over $50,000 per year and requires specific tech skills such as analytical and diagnostic skills, which can be gained through online courseware, possibly in cybersecurity. Receiving that $10,000 salary increase suddenly doesn’t seem so far off. 


As mentioned before, tech jobs can be profitable and offer variety. An example of an entry-level position is an IT Helpdesk Technician. This position serves as the primary point of contact for tech support. They typically assist with troubleshooting and diagnosing issues and operate using a ticket management system. As with most jobs, it’s important to have strong customer service skills in the tech industry because these careers are centered around working with other individuals and helping them solve problems. Typically, a high school diploma is the highest education required for an IT Helpdesk Technician and compensation ranges from $29,000 – $33,000 for full-time employees.


IT Support Technician is considered a mid-level tech job that requires an associate degree or more. Experience with help desk support and/or the IT field is typically mandatory in order to assist with duties such as implementing new hardware, network installations, and managing ticket support requests. Average compensation for an IT Support Technician is between $50,000 – $60,000. This is a great starting point for a career in tech.


One senior-level tech job option would be Director of IT Operations. This position typically requires five or more years of IT management experience, a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, and knowledge of typical tech programs such as Microsoft Dynamics. Directors of IT Operations oversee big-picture tech solutions such as processing system and hardware updates for the entire company. The average pay for a job as Director of IT Operations is around $100,000 – $150,000 per year.


Considering each of these tech jobs, it’s clear that a career path in the computer science industry can pay off. It is also clear how to progress in a tech job; it all starts with your education. Diversifying your skillset by learning cloud computing, virtualization, cybersecurity, and more can set you apart as a clear candidate for a specific tech job or pay increase. Employers love to see that you are willing to continually learn. Why not leverage your skills and be on the high end of each job’s pay scale? With a quick online course, you could be on your way to making the most as an IT professional.

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