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What Can I Do With a CompTIA Network+ Certification?

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In today’s job market, you need more than just a degree to land the IT jobs you want. Even if you have years of industry experience, your resume could still be passed over for another candidate that has the right certifications. But what is the CompTIA Network+ certification? Is it worth your time and money? And how can it help you land an awesome job?

What is the CompTIA Network+ certification?

The CompTIA Network+ certification is a vendor-neutral credential that is recognized worldwide, and it shows that you know how to set up, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair basic networking devices. There are more than 50,000 technology companies that make their profits with networking gear and related devices. As a certified networking professional, you will be able to identify problems ahead of time and fix them. There are also hiring opportunities every year, especially in the networking and security space. Can I get certification for my work if I’m self-employed? Yes, you can practice your professional networking skills from home. The CompTIA Network+ certification is an easy-to-understand test that will assess your skills in networking theory and practical (real) situations. If you pass the Exam, you will be eligible for job opportunities in a variety of industries, including small and medium businesses, according to the CompTIA website.

How can you use your Network+ certification to land an awesome job?

Network+ certification proves that you know how to manage, maintain, troubleshoot, install, and configure basic network infrastructure. You can use your certification to become a network technician, administrator, or helpdesk technician. You can also combine your certification with experience to apply for jobs like network installer, network support specialist, network engineer, or network manager. The certification is similar to something known as a CISSP. CISA and CISSP are similar to the Certified Information Systems (or CIS) exam. 

How will you use your network+ certification to help advance your career?

Demonstrate that you are a very valuable asset to the company by developing your knowledge of your industry. Come up with some ideas of how you could help your company gain a competitive advantage by implementing some new technologies or processes. With the growing number of IT jobs and the certifications you need, proving that you know something in your industry is no longer optional. On LinkedIn, you can search for certifications related to the networking space. When you located a skill that could be in demand, search through the job listings to see if there is a certification requirement for the job or if the company requires networking experience. Search public company job boards for job postings in your area.

We can help you get started today in your CompTIA Network+ certification! 

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