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A new introduction to virtualization course

The IT Infrastructure, as we know it today, is quickly moving away from being an “On Premises” model to a Cloud-based model.  The benefits of the Cloud are obvious, such as fixed and affordable pricing, scalability, on demand products and services, etc.  A critical component of any Cloud platform is that of “Virtualization.”

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The Future of Virtualization

Server virtualization is a virtualization technique that involves breaking up a physical server into multiple small, virtual servers using a virtualization software. In his post for NetworkWorld called What’s the Future of Server Virtualization, Neil Weinberg describes the benefits of server virtualization and the different types of server virtualization.


What is virtualization?

We all have heard about the Cloud, for the most part. It’s this neat little place where you can store data and get software applications for a fraction of what it would normally cost at the retail level.  But there are other terms that get used with the Cloud that cause confusion.  One of these terms is “Virtualization”.