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The IT Infrastructure, as we know it today, is quickly moving away from being an “On Premises” model to a Cloud-based model.  The benefits of the Cloud are obvious, such as fixed and affordable pricing, scalability, on demand products and services, etc.  A critical component of any Cloud platform is that of “Virtualization.”

What exactly is it?

Virtualization [is the] computer-generated versions of hardware, operating systems, storage devices, and more. This allows organizations to partition a single physical computer or server into several virtual machines. Each virtual machine can then interact independently and run different operating systems or applications while sharing the resources of a single host machine.”

In other words, by moving to the Cloud, you can create many “copies” of just one physical server and have them run on a single host, using the tools of Virtualization.  Many competitive vendors offer virtualization tools, and our new “Introduction to Virtualization” course gives you a basic introduction into each of the vendors. Our course discusses VMware’s vSphere virtualization, Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualization, Citrix’s XenServer (now HyperVisor) virtualization, and cloud-based virtualization.

Our course will have virtual labs that enable students to gain access to the full software and hardware resources to more fully engage in discovery.  The course also contains high quality content and videos with the most current industry topics. Our curriculum will prepare you for an exciting career and can help you advance in your current position.

We utilize the concept of training online so you can learn and apply the material at anytime and anywhere that is convenient to you!

This course has been specifically designed for the mid-level college/university student who is contemplating a career in Cyber security, or the IT Professional that needs more training in Virtualization.

You must have a background in the basic configuration and management of the following:

  • PCs;
  • Networks;
  • Datacenter Design;
  • Server Hardware;
  • The Windows and Linux Server Operating Systems.

Contact us to find out more about this exciting virtualization course, and how you can enroll in it today!

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