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Should I Take a Cloud Virtualization Course?




Unsure about taking a cloud virtualization course? Let us answer some of your questions

What is virtualization?

Virtualization in the cloud means putting servers, storage, and anything else that constitutes physical hardware into a digital space. Anything that is normally taking up physical space for storage or repositories can become digital in the cloud. It may sound complicated, but it’s the way of the future and makes things less complicated in the long run.

What are the benefits of virtualizing in the cloud?

One of the first and most tangible benefits you’ll see is a big reduction in your IT expenses. Physical storage environments are inefficient and not scalable. Virtual machines allow you to scale and consolidate your systems, saving you time and resources. You can also reduce the danger of downtimes by virtualizing your servers. Physical servers and storage devices can be damaged in a disaster–bad weather, an act of god–but if you’ve got something living in digital space, even the most inclement weather or unforeseen physical event can get to it. You can increase productivity and overall efficiency with fewer services and a single place for all updates and installations when it comes to maintaining the system. And, ultimately, this is a much greener way to run your business. If you’ve been climate change conscious recently, this is a win-win.

What can I learn from a virtualization course?

In our virtualization courses you can learn how to work within multiple cloud options. Digital space has plenty of options for digital real estate: Microsoft HyperV, VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, AWS, and Azure, among others. And we can help you understand how to work within all of them. You can engage in high quality content to supplement your learning and replace potential textbooks, you can participate in virtual labs to engage in real world applications that you learn in your course and be more hands on with your learning. We have state of the art and well produced videos to help you synthesize information. And we offer it all at a moderate price to make sure you make an investment you can see returns on.

Who is Ascend Education?

We’re headquartered in the heart of the Rocky Mountains where we’ve created the most complete online IT training options. We leverage years of experience in the field to provide world class technical training and certification programs for those looking to expand their work in IT and move into the future of the industry. We like to combine the boots on the ground position with intellectual and academic pursuits of expanding knowledge. We see you as a partner, an investment in the future of information technology. We want you to succeed.

If you’re ready to get started in your continued education in IT, we want to be a part of it. Contact us to see our pricing and get a quote on your ideal course. Let us give you the tools to get farther in your professional career.

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