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Should I Do IT Training Online or In-Person?




When it comes to learning, there are more options than just sitting in a classroom. Over the last ten years, online learning has continued to grow in popularity. Now, more people than ever before are choosing to further their education through online learning. Online learning primarily includes learning over the internet, while in-person training is a traditional experience in a classroom. Over 90% of corporations use online learning for their training, and there are many benefits in doing so. This is also to be said when it comes to Online IT Training.

Differences Between Online and In-Person

Although online training is not the best for everyone, it is very helpful to many people. Here are a few differences between the two, so you can compare and understand should I do IT training online or in person.

In-Person Training

Hands-On Experience

Working with instructors can be helpful in order to have interaction. In addition, talking face-to-face might provide you better clarity and understanding as compared to live chats.

Allows Several Employees to Learn at Same Pace

What is great about online training is that it allows you to learn at your own pace. This does not work for everyone, and therefore classroom/in-person instruction keeps you learning on the same timelines as those around you.

Provides Greater Face to Face Interaction

For some people that face to face, interaction is everything. In a classroom setting, students can connect in real-time. This provides the opportunity for group activities and projects. You may enjoy this more as it can also provide networking opportunities.

Online Training

Offers Greater Flexibility

Taking classes online provides flexibility because you can do so remotely. You can also make it work if you have other responsibilities. Typically it allows you to work according to your time frame. If you are busy, it is a great option.

Features Greater Program Variety

There are only so many teachers for in-person seminars, and online classes make it easier to learn about a variety of topics. When taking online courses, it also does not matter where the training takes place or where employees live and work. Remote employees that are geographically separated can also receive the same training.

Often Less Expensive

Most often education online is cheaper. This is for a variety of reasons, but there are more ways that you spend less money than just the tuition.

  • Transportation Costs: Both gas, as well as the wear on your car, will come into account here. You may end up paying for a bus pass and wasting your time getting to the class rather than simply turning on your computer.
  • Housing Costs: If you do not live close to the course you may need to stay in the city that it is located in.
  • Course Costs: The actual cost will be more expensive because paying teachers, parking lots, operating the building, and maintaining the staff usually more expensive than with online learning.

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