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Continuing Your Education into a Better Career Opportunity

Leveraging Continuing Your Education into a Better Career Opportunity



The Information Technology (IT) field is vast, and it is growing every day. Companies now have gone from an IT guy to a team with IT skills. They are an entire network of individuals that work together to solve any IT issues their organization is having.

IT professionals have gone through the needed training, taken the needed courses, and increased their knowledge by learning through different educational programs. They are well versed in Windows, Microsoft software, Mac, Linux, coding languages like JavaScript, python, SQL, and a myriad of other tech-related necessities. If you are one of those IT professionals with the skills and knowledge to get a job, you may be asking yourself, “How do I move to a higher position in the IT field?”

There is no definitive way to do that, but there are some ways you can improve the likelihood of it happening. For one, you can use soft skills to be a good employee, but we won’t dive too far into those here. The most important thing to consider is continuing your education. Take additional training courses for understanding and improvement of IT skills.

Based on information received from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, since 1990, the IT employment field has grown by over 400 percent. The industry is booming. There are a lot of opportunities out there for anyone with the proper training.

89 percent of all IT employees can classify their work as either “custom computer programming services” or “computer system design services.” The former are employees that write, test, and modify software for a client. This software includes computer programs, webpage design, and database design. Computer programming services also provide support to clients after the newly designed software is implemented. The latter are employees that “plan and design computer systems that integrate hardware, software, and communication technology.” Generally, design firms install new computer systems and train the users. The firms also provide support services to clients when the installation and training is finished.

If you are looking for a new position with a lot of growth opportunities, those are the two segments you should tailor your training courses and learning toward. It’s no longer good enough to simply understand Window’s technologies and Mac’s software. You need to find the niche you want to work in and excel within it.

The issue that many IT professionals face is that the training they received in school isn’t enough anymore. The best way to improve your career path as an IT professional is to take additional courses, courses that will take a deeper dive into the specifics of each IT specialization. Through additional courses and training, you can learn much more than what was covered in your high school and college classes.

The other benefit of continuing your education through these types of courses is that you are taught by instructors with recent hands-on experience. As the world of technology is consistently changing, it is important that you are taught with up-to-date material.

Continuing your education provides opportunities to network. Current instructors typically have an ear to the ground and can get you in touch with members of the associated field. Through their connections, they can line you up with new employment opportunities. There is a lot of truth to the idea that it’s not always about what you know, but who you know.

There are many ways you can stand out and earn a promotion in your IT job. The best thing to do is to continue learning. Take courses and participate in training that will help you expand your IT skills. Take advantage of networking opportunities. Remember, you want to keep learning, but it’s not always about what you know, who you know can be just as important. Continue your education today at

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