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Introducing Ascend Education’s IT Fundamentals Course

IT fundamentals



Ascend Education announces the release of its latest course; IT Fundamentals.

This course maps to the CompTIA ITF+ certification and is designed to introduce beginners to the fundamental concepts of Information Technology (IT) and provide a solid foundation for further learning. 

IT Fundamentals covers important topics such as hardware and software components, operating systems, networking, security, and basic programming concepts. The course begins with an overview of computer hardware, including the central processing unit, input and output devices, storage devices, and memory. 

Students who take this course will also learn the different types of software, including operating systems, application software, and utility software. Networking concepts such as the Internet, LAN, WAN, routers, switches, and protocols are also covered. IT Fundamentals emphasizes the importance of security in IT, including password management, data encryption, firewalls, and virus protection. Basic programming concepts such as algorithms, data types, variables, conditional statements, loops, and functions are also introduced in the course. 

Overall, the IT Fundamentals training course is designed to provide participants with a basic understanding of the field of IT, enabling them to communicate effectively with IT professionals, use technology efficiently, and make informed decisions regarding IT-related purchases and investments. 

Each Ascend Education course includes the best in virtual labs, instructional videos, an expert written ebook and assessments to help students learn to address issues in the real world. 

Our IT Fundamentals course is no exception. 

Request a demonstration of the IT Fundamentals course today and see how it can help you in your classroom, and help students pass their certification exam.

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