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Announcement: Windows Server 2019 Course Material Series!



We’ve collaborated with our friend Robert McMillen to write course materials on Windows Server 2019.

With Robert’s 20+ years of experience in the industry and his 50 technical certifications, it is safe to say that he knows what he is talking about. Since the release of the second and third books in the series, we’ve reached out to Robert to see why he started creating these materials in the first place. 

“These books were written due to a need in the marketplace left by Microsoft when they decided to no longer continue the Microsoft Official Academic Curriculum (MOAC),” explained Robert. “The MOAC program had been providing the training materials for students who wanted to be certified in the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) program. This ended in 2021 when Azure certifications took their place.”

Knowing the purpose of the course material will help you grow into whatever position you are wanting in your career. Robert explains how these books help students and professors with coursework.

“Colleges and universities were suddenly left with programs for degrees and certificates without any current educational materials. The decision was made by Ascend Education and myself to fill that gap by creating these Windows Server operating system manuals that were based on the same technology principles the MOAC materials once provided. This will allow colleges and universities to continue to provide education in the way they are accustomed to where only upgraded materials are needed instead of a complete overhaul of their programs. The Introduction to Windows Server 2019 is the updated curriculum to the 70-740 Windows Server Certification 2016 MOAC course. The Windows Server 2019 Advanced Networking book is the upgraded equivalent to the 70-741 Networking with Windows Server 2016 MOAC course. Lastly, the Windows Server 2019 Active Directory course is the updated 70-742 Identity with Windows Server 2016 course. You can now order the course either electronically, or as a paperback book.”

He also explains how this is relevant to the industry as a whole.

“80% of all industries continue to use and need Microsoft products on-premises, and not in the Azure cloud exclusively. This left an educational scarcity for the majority of students and future learners from being able to learn these technologies to start or continue their careers. This will also leave industries with a lack of future talent to manage their infrastructure resources.”

Lastly, Robert comments on how the books and Ascend Education’s courses tie into one another.

“These three Windows Server books have fit like a glove into Ascend Education’s product offerings. With dozens of other relevant and up to date courses for colleges and universities already available, the Windows server products continue that tradition of offering collegiate level materials from industry and education leaders such as myself and others that can fit into any learning management system that a college or university offers today.”

Check out all three books that we have available on your Kindle or in paperback!

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