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3 Reasons to Specialize in Virtualization



Information technology professionals know that the topic of the moment is virtualization, and this technology is available to those who are wanting to be aligned with the most modern tech in the industry.

What is Virtualization?

Virtualization is a method by which physical equipment starts to act as software, allowing you to remotely access folders, programs and emails, among other features. One question that may arise is about the benefits of virtualization. Why should companies invest in virtualization, what do they gain from it?

A great ally of companies that seek more efficiency for their business, virtualization has advantages that encourage companies to make this investment:

  • Better definition of the ideal environment for each service, with different levels of security for different scenarios;
  • Greater reliability, since each virtual machine is isolated from the others, ensuring that failures of one service do not impact the others;
  • There is no longer an obligation to change hardware in order to increase or decrease the capacity of the computer. This can now be done through virtualization software;
  • As there is the consolidation of small servers, running on more robust servers, virtualization can generate a cost reduction of up to 60%;
  • Virtualization is responsible for a large reduction in energy consumption, from the manufacturing of components, to the use of energy for their operation;
  • Greater ease in file recovery, it is faster and with less data loss, to restore the backup of the entire virtual machine along with its service;
  • Speed in resource creation, since a server can be put online in minutes;
  •  Portability: it is possible to take virtualization servers anywhere, without wasting time due to inactivity.
1. Deficit of Professionals

As with other processes in the area of information technology, there is also a deficit of professional specialists in virtualization.Therefore, the chances of making a career in IT with regard to virtualization processes continue to rise in the labor market.

2. Valorization and Rising Wages

Those who have a degree in virtualization are being well valued in the market. The career for specialists offers very attractive salaries. Being able to pay up to 40% better than another professional who does not have mastery in this technology.

3. Promising Market

Since virtualization is a process of no return, companies are increasingly interested in qualified professionals who can operationalize and manage this process.  

And this is not just an isolated situation. For the coming years, the profession of virtualization specialist will continue to offer several opportunities for growth and development.  

Virtualization Courses: Gateway to a Promising Career

To become an expert in virtualization, there are virtualization courses, such as the one offered by Ascend Education, which are structured so that the student develops and continues to grow in their career.

The course is a kind of introduction to all major virtualization technologies, including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, AWS and Azure. It is worth noting that this course is only offered by Ascend Education.

Another relevant factor is that it does not matter which virtualization technology the IT program focuses on, because the Ascend Education Virtualization didactic material is ideal for students to begin to understand virtualization. 

Ascend Education’s virtualization course provides a solid foundation on virtualization so that the professional continues to prepare to be able to apply for future vacancies of Virtualization Architect, Virtualization Storage Engineer or Specialist in one of the technologies mentioned above.

What will the Student Learn in a Virtualization Course?

Ascend’s course is divided into five modules:

  • Module 1: Virtualization;
  • Module 2: Hyper-V;  
  • Module 3: VSphere Virtual Machine Management;
  • Module 4: XenServer Virtualization;
  • Module 5: Cloud-Based Virtualization.

The most important thing about Ascend’s proposal is that its course offers the student a part in which they practice what they have learned in virtual machines and in real time. Certainly, the practical experience of laboratories greatly increases the retention of content and students’ knowledge on the subject.

This learning environment not only better prepares the student for their professional future, but also offers the opportunity to test new ideas. In this way, it increases your understanding of the practical application of new knowledge.

If you want to qualify for the fastest growing IT market in the world, get to know the details of the Ascend Education virtualization course.

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