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Young 19 year old Angel Sayani used Ascend Education to Complete 13 IT Certifications



Angel Sayani is only 19 years old and has already accomplished so much in her few years as a student and professional. Within a period of just 7 months, she passed 13 exams on her first attempt, so she now holds 13 expert-level industry certifications. In that time, she also founded IntellChromatics Inc., a company that offers services in Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS), software ML and application-AI robotics. 

Preparing for certification exams can be tough, and finding the right program to help you succeed can be a daunting task. Sayani described how she “search[ed] online for a wide-ranging IT training courseware platform,” and was led to Ascend Education. 

Sayani completed multiple courses from Ascend Education and loves how useful all parts of the courses are. 

“Exclusively, I loved the excellent quality of video lessons, assessments, quizzes, and virtual labs,” explained Sayani. “From the outset, I have experienced that Ascend courses have well-defined objectives, and its virtual labs make immensely tricky concepts easy to understand. Ascend is really amazing!” She continued to explain how Ascend Education courses are user friendly, and are a “great platform for instructors and students alike.”

Sayani has completed the following courses from Ascend: 

  • CompTIA CASP+, 
  • CompTIA Cloud+, 
  • CompTIA Server+, 
  • and AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. 

“All Ascend courses are wonderful,” Sayani said, “but my favorite courses from Ascend are CompTIA CASP+ and AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner courses, as I felt that these courses were across-the-board. These courses had the latest content, coupled with first-rate virtual hands-on labs.”

Although Sayani is a business woman, she is continuing her studies and working toward a BS in Computer Science. She has found that the courses from Ascend Education have even helped her with her other courses immensely. 

“These courses overlay the curriculum of Information Technology and Computer Science degrees,” explained Sayani, “so it definitely does help college students to get their degree.” 

Currently Sayani is working on a few major projects that center around blockchain technology, AR, VR (augmented and virtual reality), and cybersecurity. “The certifications have played a phenomenal role in aiding me to accomplish my goals,” said Sayani.

Finally, Sayani left her words of advice to any who want to complete online courses – “The key is to be relentlessly persistent and determined in whatever course you take up, try hard to get the drift of major concepts and you need to stay immersed in the course, all the way through completion, in order to ace a certification exam.”

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