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What is Comptia CySA+




The Comptia CySA+ is the premier exam for certification in cybersecurity. This IT workforce certification applies behavioral analytics to a company’s devices and networks to detect and prevent any cybersecurity threat via monitoring practices. This exam stands alone as the only high stakes cybersecurity certification that combines hands-on practice with traditional examination techniques. It certifies not only the candidate’s ability to be proactive in monitoring and detecting cybersecurity threats but also the application of security, automation, and threat hunting in a day-to-day setting in a business.

About the Exam

The world in which we live our day-to-day lives has changed. It’s become more digital than ever, which means there are more threats and they’re evolving every day. The traditional use of virus-walls and over-the-counter antivirus software isn’t going to cut it anymore, especially not in a traditional setting. Comptia CySA+ goes further, teaching IT professionals to apply behavioral analytics to the device and the network to detect suspicious activity. The exam will test a candidate for: the ability to leverage intelligence and threat detection techniques, skills in analyzing and interpreting data, how well they can identify vulnerabilities and how they respond to them, how well one can suggest preventive measures in any given scenario, and how effectively one responds to and recovers from incidents. This exam is approved by the US Department of Defense and is a huge asset to any IT professional.

What Skills Will I Learn?

You will learn safety and security within the Windows operating system and how to apply security solutions to that infrastructure. You’ll learn how to monitor software within that framework and understand how the hardware interacts with the probability of a threat. You’ll look at threat management and managing vulnerability through the use of organized security and activities that manage vulnerability points. You’ll also learn how to troubleshoot software and apply security to the specific organizational risk that any single institution uses. In this vein, you’ll learn how to look at specific frameworks and policies and apply your expertise to their security needs. You’ll gain skills in forensics to best respond to security incidents and locate their source to mitigate damage and prevent any future breaches.

Exam Specifics

The exam runs 165 minutes for a total of 85 questions. You will score anywhere between 100-900 with 750 being the minimum threshold for a passing score. In addition to the experience you already have, it is highly recommended you study for the test with a professional service. Ascend Education can help. Our course meets NIST standards for a Comptia CySA+ preparation course and utilizes videos, labs, high-quality content, and an affordable price to get you the most comprehensive and accessible exam preparation available.

Take the next step in your career as an IT professional and prepare for the Comptia CySA+ exam with Ascend Education and get the best possible test prep you can for this important and necessary course in cybersecurity.

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