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What Is Comptia CASP+ And Do I Need It?




In short CompTIA CASP+ is a certification for any tech professionals who want to maintain practitioner skills in IT, rather than managerial. It certifies advanced level competencies in the areas of risk management in enterprise security operations systems and architecture, advanced research and collaboration skills, and integration of enterprise security skills. It’s a completely hands-on, performance based certification that allows advanced skill levels in cyber security to shine.

But why would you need it? What sort of professionals should aim to get this certification?

Who exactly is CompTIA?

Who exactly is CompTIA?

CompTIA stands for the Computing Technology Industry Association. CompTIA is the leading provider of IT certifications across vendors, internationally. Over 2 million certifications have been awarded to date over more than 20 years. If you need an IT certification, they’re the place to go to.

Which jobs and roles should consider taking the exam?

Generally speaking, cybersecurity IT professionals who have been working in the field for at least 10 years should consider taking the exam and certification. It helps if half of this decade of experience was in a hands-on environment, as opposed to a managerial role. Such roles include any technical lead, analysts, a security engineer, and security architect, and application security engineers. Though this is far from an exhaustive list.

What does the exam cover?

By design the exam is incredibly thorough. It covers current risks and security incident response toolkits and scenarios to ensure any test takers are up to speed in the current state of cyber security, modern hacking techniques, common security pitfalls, and specific issues around cloud security. Because of this the exam updates regularly to account for contemporary issues and current topics. The skills the exam will test you on are:

  • How well you respond to and recover from security incidents
  • Your skills in implementing network security
  • Skills in cryptographic techniques
  • How well you leverage collaboration tools
  • How effectively you can utilize technology for support
  • Your skills in integrating hosts, storage, applications, virtual environments, networks, and cloud technologies
  • And more

Generally speaking the exam breaks down in about five domains of topic coverage: risk management, enterprise security operations, enterprise security architecture, technical integration of enterprise security, and research, development, and collaboration

How does the CASP+ course help me?

Our course will prepare you for the exam’s main topics and the components of the test. You’ll have access to state of the art videos full of engaging education content, virtual labs to apply your skills, quality content put together by industry experts, and a very moderate price for the return you’ll get on the course. If you are an educator yourself, you can seek out specialized pricing for your course as well. Just ask!

The first step is to get into contact with us to get a quote on pricing for the course and find out exactly how we can help you get ready for your CompTIA exam!

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