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Top IT Courses of 2023



As technology evolves, the need for qualified IT professionals is increasing in the United States. From 2021 to 2031, overall employment in computer and information technology occupations is projected to grow 14.6%, which is significant compared to the 5.3% average growth for all occupations. 

To prepare these upcoming IT professionals, many instructors and individuals are turning to online IT training courses. Online courses provide flexibility and personalization that make them convenient for a broad range of individuals and students. 

As 2023 comes to a close, we look back on the most popular IT training courses of the year. Read on, and request a free demo for any of our courses today.

1. Mastering the Core with Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2019 is an operating system that bridges on-premises work with Azure cloud services. A trusted solution by countless companies, fluency in Windows Server 2019 is vital for IT professionals.

Our curriculum lays the foundation for setting up and servicing Windows Server 2019. Comprising four modules, this course covers essential aspects including administration, advanced networking, Active Directory, and security. Although it doesn’t lead to a specific certification, this curriculum teaches the necessary skills for anyone aspiring to provide IT services for Windows. 

2. Building a Foundation with Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing service. This platform allows for hybrid and remote work to be done seamlessly and securely and is used by healthcare, government, retail and other companies to enhance their productivity and services.

As more and more companies turn to cloud solutions, IT professionals are expected to be experts in cloud computing. Our Azure Fundamentals course dives into Microsoft’s cloud offering, providing essential knowledge that broadens your capabilities in Azure and in the cloud in general. Our course also maps to the AZ-900 certification.

3. Navigating the Cloud with Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104)

Our Azure Administrator Course goes beyond the basics, equipping students with the skills to understand Azure governance and administration. From implementing storage and deploying compute resources to configuring networking and managing backups, this course empowers you to become an Azure admin. Gain the confidence to oversee the cloud-based processes crucial for companies implementing Microsoft Azure. This course maps to the AZ-104 certification. 

4. Strengthening Cybersecurity with Security+ and CySA+

Cybersecurity solutions are needed in every industry, as data-breaches are more prevalent and sensitive information is under attack on a daily basis.

As the landscape of cybersecurity evolves, our Security+ and CySA+ courses are consistently some of our most popular. Aimed at those entering the cybersecurity field, these courses prepare students for the industry-standard CompTIA Security+ certification, recognized by both government and private entities. As cybersecurity continues to be a priority, these courses position you as a qualified professional ready to contribute meaningfully in the workplace and the cybersecurity field. Explore further by considering our additional courses in penetration testing (PenTest+) or CASP+ for a comprehensive cybersecurity education.

5. Mastering Cloud Technologies with Cloud+

As the world transitions online, navigating the cloud becomes a critical skill for IT professionals. Enter CompTIA’s Cloud+ certification, the only cloud certification approved for the Department of Defense. Our Cloud+ course, featuring virtual labs and engaging lessons, sets the industry standard for cloud training. Dive into cloud architecture, design, security, deployment, operations, and troubleshooting to gain the skills needed for success in this digital age.

At Ascend Education, we are committed to your success. Choose from our top courses to stay ahead in the dynamic world of IT. Elevate your skills, broaden your knowledge, and ascend to new heights in your career. Enroll today and unlock a future filled with limitless possibilities.

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