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NSA + CISA warn Microsoft users to update and patch devices




A few weeks ago, the NSA published an advisory urging Microsoft Windows admins and users to patch and update systems because of a growing threat.

Microsoft users are vulnerable to this threat.

This threat comes from research which showed that a lot of systems are still vulnerable to BlueKeep. BlueKeep is a new RDP vulnerability that is dangerous because of its “wormable” nature, which could start an attack like the WannaCry attack a few years ago.

Davey Winder’s article on Forbes discusses the NSA advisory and the potential damage a hack could do. Go to his article to see what the government has been looking into and what officials are saying about the threat.

A TechSpot article written by Cohen Coberly published just yesterday states that now, the US’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has backed the NSA’s advisory and Microsoft’s warnings and is also spreading the word of the vulnerability through an Activity Alert. See his article for more information about BlueKeep and the CISA Activity Alert.

These huge organizations are warning users to update and patch their systems against this vulnerability, but they aren’t listening! What do you think will happen with this lack of action from users? What would you do to get users to act?

All admins and users need to be aware of potential cyber threats. To learn more about cybersecurity and to gain more cybersecurity skills, we offer an extensive online training course that maps to NSA/NICE standards and can prepare you for the CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst certification (CySA+). Learn more on our website.

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