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Key to Learning Data Privacy



Learn why data privacy matters and how it is an integral part of the technical world today.

Data privacy ensures the protection of sensitive data by businesses and individuals. Protection against data breaches come in every size, we only ever hear about the big ones on the news. Every business, big or small, is vulnerable without the proper security measures.

What is Data Privacy?

SINA (Storage Networking Industry Association) defines data privacy as an “area of data protection that concerns the proper handling of sensitive data including, notably, personal data but also other confidential data, such as certain financial data and intellectual property data, to meet regulatory requirements as well as protecting the confidentiality and immutability of the data.” A lack of privacy around sensitive data can create risk for various forms of cybercrime including phishing, identity theft, fraud and many more. 

”Privacy is not an option, and it shouldn’t be the price we accept for just getting on the internet.” – Gary Kovacs, a San Francisco Bay Area technologist

When individuals trust a company to share their information, they should do all that is in their power to keep that information safe from malicious third parties.

How to ensure data privacy?

To prevent data breaches and ensure data security, all employees should be trained to handle sensitive information to further protect and prevent risk. With an evaluation to a company’s needs, employees can be given limited access to sensitive data according to their roles and responsibilities. 

To properly protect sensitive data, employees can complete course training such as Security+, CySA+, Pentest and CASP+. These courses teach data privacy and security for professionals. Our Security+ course introduces the importance of the regulations to understand risk management and explain privacy and sensitive data concepts. Diving deeper, our CySA+ course provides objectives that teach the importance of following security policy and procedures and learning how to implement risk mitigation concepts in an organization. 

We are committed to helping students, IT professionals and anyone interacting with sensitive information to excel in providing a safe and secure environment for their data. Our courses are designed by cybersecurity experts to provide hands-on-experience and encounter real life decision-making and troubleshoot scenarios.

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