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Job Opportunities in Cybersecurity—A Study from Comparitech

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It’s the perfect time to start looking for a job in cybersecurity. Cyber threats are more prevalent than ever, and companies are considering their cybersecurity analysts as essential in keeping their management and communication systems functioning. 

Comparitech, an in-depth tech research company, recently performed a study called the US Cybersecurity Salary & Employment Study. They gathered data centered around cybersecurity positions, specifically information security analysts. Their research references individuals who are, “planning and implementing security measures that help protect an organization’s computer systems and networks. This includes installing software (such as firewalls and data encryption programs), investigating security breaches, and looking for potential vulnerabilities before they are exploited.” 

The work an information security analyst performs is essential for keeping a company’s data safe from outside threats. Companies are constantly at risk; you can see many examples in the news today. 

Candy manufacturer Ferrara, who produces Laffy Taffy, Nerds and so many other favorites, may fail to meet candy needs around Halloween because of hackers invading their systems. A Missouri state website exposed private information of teachers and administrators across the state. The site was being managed by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Even phone providers in the UK are facing cybersecurity threats, impacting the whole industry. 

Cyber attacks will continue to be a threat to businesses; Comparitech’s research study re-enforces the increasing need, and opportunity as an Information Security Analysts. Their research considered the average annual salary of the position, the number of vacancies and long-term growth projections possible. 

Across the country, Comparitech found the average salary increased 2.4% and the number of people filling these positions increased more than 16%. They projected, “over the next 10 years (2019 to 2029), the estimated job growth for these roles is 31 percent (much higher than the average of 4 percent).” 

These numbers have only increased into 2021; The research noted that there is an overarching positive net growth across the country in opportunity for cybersecurity positions. They concluded “all states except Louisiana show at least some positive growth (when looking at the long-term projections) and each and every state has an average cybersecurity salary that’s above the state average for all types of employment.” 

For example, as an information security analyst, New York has the highest average salary ($121,750) but New Mexico has the highest percentage difference in state average salary (79.84% difference). Virginia has the most job availability (5,213 jobs) but Utah has the best long-term projection (59.30% growth). 

You might be asking, what does all this mean for me? It means there are guaranteed opportunities of employment, stable salary, and positive job projection as an information security analyst. The best part about it is we can help you get there. We provide online courseware in Security+, CySA+, Network+ and so many other COMPTA training courseware. 

We want to prepare you for success in your journey in cybersecurity. Opportunity is available and we can be there for you every step of the way.

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