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Avoiding card skimmers at the pump

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Many of us have heard of fuel dispensers being a target for card-skimming devices.  Brian Krebs wrote a post on his blog “Krebs on Security” on how to avoid these card skimmers, and he uses the San Antonio Police Department as a source for tips. Some of these tips include using only new fuel dispensers that have a horizontal card slot accompanied by a raised metal keypad and using only credit cards at the pump. To read the rest of his great post, check out the link above.

Scammers are constantly finding ways to steal money from consumer victims, and we need to take the steps that will help prevent thieves from getting access to our information. Reading security blogs and learning about cyber security are vital to knowing what steps to take to protect ourselves and our data. Our cyber security course can help teach you the steps to take for your personal protection or for the protection of your business. Learn more about our course by visiting our website or by contacting us.

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