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Microsoft Windows 10

This Microsoft Windows 10 course was designed by IT experts to give IT professionals the ability to manage network operations through cloud technologies. Like the industry itself, our IT courseware is versatile and diverse. We provide quizzes, assessments, and a practice exam that are scored automatically – allowing you to ensure your readiness for the certification exam.

Virtual labs

Hands-On Experience

In the IT industry there are often multiple ways to reach a solution. That’s why we provide advanced virtual labs that allow you to make decisions and solve problems in a variety of ways. These labs give you an opportunity to make mistakes and see how your actions affect a real system, just like it would on the job. 

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Not only does this course better prepare you for challenges you may encounter in the workplace, but it also equips you with the tools needed to excel in your Microsoft Windows 10 certification. Your annual subscription includes textbook quality written content, visual aids, and video demonstrations. It’s details like this that have helped individuals who have taken this course excel with their careers in the Microsoft Technologies industry.


Course Summary

In this course, you will learn how to plan for, install, upgrade, secure and maintain Windows 10 operating systems in an organizational environment. Introductions and instructions for deployment tools and methods to deploy Windows 10 on both virtualized and bare metal devices will be explored as well as the pros and cons associated with deployment options in those environments. You will be introduced to the management of networking, file systems, peripherals and storage solutions. To conclude, we will cover troubleshooting and management techniques for the ongoing maintenance of Windows 10. Professionals who take this course are recommended to have a basic understanding of computer systems hardware, software, networking peripherals, Windows applications, and a basic understanding of a Windows desktop operating systems.

Video Lessons

Virtual Labs

Text Lessons



Practice Exam

Video Lessons

Virtual Labs

Text Lessons



Practice Exam

Course Features

Virtual Labs

Virtual labs give you experience practicing and implementing the skills you’ll learn about in this Microsoft course. These labs run on real hardware that enable you to develop the hands-on hardware and operating system skills required to work in the IT industry. Within the sandbox environment, you can make mistakes and see how their actions affect a real system. This is different from a simulated lab where participants are led through a simulated environment that has only one solution and a single path to accomplish a given task. Your access to a complete software and hardware resource helps you fully engage in discovery, solution finding, and problem solving. You will be able to earn your Microsoft certification or final grade with a truly hands-on approach that prepares you for the workforce.

State-of-the-art videos

Ascend Education’s videos are engaging and present the most current content available in computer hardware and operating systems training. The format of our videos was designed by expert instructional designers in order to increase learning absorption; studies have shown that instructional videos that are less than 6 minutes in length result in improved learning. 

The video content for this course includes definitions, examples, comparisons, an overview of difficult topics found in the text and thorough demonstrations of what is covered in the material. This format enhances your learning experience and retention, preparing you for your Microsoft certification exams and challenges that you may encounter on the job. 

Textbook Quality Written Content

Written by leading industry experts, our online Microsoft Windows 10 text material is designed to replace your textbook. The detailed text lessons cover all the crucial topics necessary for you to pass the Microsoft certification exams and gain the computer hardware and operating systems knowledge needed in order to advance in your career. The written content (along with all other course material) is delivered on a professionally designed LMS that automatically tracks your progress as you complete a given section. 


This Microsoft Windows 10 course includes practice quizzes and a final exam prepared by industry experts. Practice quiz questions are found in each section of the course and will help you know which areas you are understanding well, and which areas you may need to work on before taking their final exam. 

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Course Curriculum

What’s covered in the Microsoft Windows 10 course curriculum:

Module 1:

  • An Introduction to Windows 10 operating systems
  • An introduction to the desktop
  • Windows File Explorer

Module 2:

  • System Settings and Cloud Services
  • Personalizing the Desktop
  • Applications and Accessories

Module 3:

  • Print Features
  • Browsing the Internet

Module 4:

  • Planning a Windows 10 Deployment
  • Deployment Requirements
  • Deployment Tools

Module 5:

  • Using MDT for Planning and Implementation
  • Windows 10 Installation from Media
  • Managing User Accounts, VPNs and Certificates

Module 6:

  • Implementation of Compliance Policies and Profiles
  • Device Profiles
  • User Profiles

Module 7:

  • Managing and Securing Devices
  • Managing Microsoft Intune Devices

Module 8:

  • Device Monitoring
  • Managing Updates
  • Managing Applications and Data
  • Microsoft 365 Application Deployment
  • Mobile Applications Management
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In the event that you’re not totally happy with your experience utilizing our Microsoft Windows 10 course our support team is available to answer your questions, provide access to an alternate course, or even modify our course to better address your needs. We’re confident in our courseware and its ability to help you succeed, which is why we back it with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. 

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