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Adidas Data Breach

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Breach of security is a common topic in the news today, especially when it involves compromising the safety of consumers’ private information. Many consumers became more aware of the significant effects of data breaches earlier this year when the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal broke out; although, we have seen many large data breaches in the past. For some reason, the Facebook scandal seemed to create a higher level of involvement in the minds of consumers, especially in the US.

As of last week, another large, international brand was the victim of a data breach: Adidas. This post by Mallory Locklear for engadget discusses the situation and how the breach could affect customers. Hackers are a potential threat to any organization, so it is important to increase online security measures. Ascend Education can provide your employees with training that will help improve your company’s online security to get started on the path of effectively securing your data.

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