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Virtualization Course

This Virtualization course covers the basics of the common virtualization technologies. We’ve designed this course to provide you with a foundational understanding of Microsoft, Hyper-V, VMware, vSphere, Citrix XenServer, AWS, and Azure. Through the use of engaging visual content, assessments, labs, and written content you’ll learn how to install, manage, configure, and monitor different virtualization platforms.

Virtualization Course
Virtual labs

Hands-On Experience

This course provides a unique, hands-on environment that gives you the opportunity to implement the skills you are learning in real life scenarios. These labs allow you to experiment with different cloud platforms and see how your actions affect the technologies in a real-life scenario. Not only does this learning environment better prepare you for the workplace, it also provides an opportunity to test new ideas and grow your overall understanding of virtualization. 

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Not only does this course better prepare you for challenges you may encounter in the workplace, but it will help you obtain a foundational understanding of Virtualization. Your annual subscription includes textbook quality written content, visual aids, and video demonstrations. Get the knowledge you need to pursue a career path in virtualization with this all-inclusive Introduction to Virtualization course.


Course Summary

This course is a true introduction to all major virtualization technologies including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, AWS, and Azure. This course is unique to Ascend Education and cannot be found anywhere else. Students will come away from this course with a sturdy virtualization foundation to build upon as they prepare for possible employment as a Virtualization Architect, Virtualization Storage Engineer, or a specialist of one of the above-mentioned technologies. 

Video Lessons

Virtual Labs

Text Lessons



Practice Exam

Video Lessons

Virtual Labs

Text Lessons



Practice Exam

Course Features

Virtual Labs

Virtual labs give you experience practicing and implementing the skills you’ll learn about in this Virtualization course. These labs run on real hardware that enable you to develop the hands-on hardware and operating system skills required to work in the IT industry. Within the sandbox environment, you can make mistakes and see how their actions affect a real system. This is different from a simulated lab where participants are led through a simulated environment that has only one solution and a single path to accomplish a given task. Your access to a complete software and hardware resource helps you fully engage in discovery, solution finding, and problem solving. 

State-of-the-art videos

Ascend Education’s videos are engaging and present the most current content available in computer hardware and operating systems training. The format of our videos was designed by expert instructional designers in order to increase learning absorption; studies have shown that instructional videos that are less than 6 minutes in length result in improved learning. 

The video content for this course includes definitions, examples, comparisons, an overview of difficult topics found in the text and thorough demonstrations of what is covered in the material. This format enhances your learning experience and retention, allowing you to gain a foundational understanding of Virtualization. 

Textbook Quality Written Content

Written by leading industry experts, our online Virtualization text material is designed to replace your textbook. The detailed text lessons cover all the crucial topics necessary for you to gain the computer hardware and operating systems knowledge needed in order to advance in your career. The written content (along with all other course material) is delivered on a professionally designed LMS that automatically tracks your progress as you complete a given section.


This Virtualization course includes practice quizzes and a final exam prepared by industry experts. Practice quiz questions are found in each section of the course and will help you know which areas you are understanding well, and which areas you may need to work on before taking their final exam. 

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Course Curriculum

What’s Covered in the Virtualization Course Curriculum:


  • Virtualization overview.
    • How virtualization works.
    • The role and function of a hypervisor.
    • The role and function of a virtual machine.


  • Hyper-V Hypervisor Management.
    • Installing Hyper-V.
    • Managing Hyper-V.
  • Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management.
    • Creating and Configuring Hyper-V Virtual Machines.
    • Managing Hyper-V Storage.
    • Managing Hyper-V Checkpoints.
    • Hyper-V Virtual Machines using PowerShell.
  • Hyper-V Virtual Networking.
    • Creating and Configuring Hyper-V Virtual Networks.
    • Optimizing Virtual Network Bandwidth.
  • Hyper-V Virtual Machine Migration
    • Manually Migrating Virtual Machines Between Hypervisors.
    • Performing a Storage Migration Between Hypervisors.
    • Performing a P2V Migration.
    • Replicating Virtual Machines Between Hypervisors.

vSphere Virtual Machine Management

  • vSphere Hypervisor Management
    • Installing and Configuring vSphere ESXi.
    • Installing and Configuring vSphere vCenter.
    • Managing a vSphere Deployment.
  • vSphere Virtual Machine Management
    • Creating and Configuring vSphere Virtual Machines.
    • Managing vSphere Virtual Machine Hardware.
    • Managing vSphere Virtual Machine Storage.
    • Configuring vSphere Templates.
    • Managing vSphere Snapshots.
  • vSphere Virtual Networking
    • vSphere Network Types.
    • Managing Physical NICs.
    • Configuring Standard vSwitches.
    • Creating and Configuring Distributed vSwitches.
    • Optimizing Virtual Networks.
  • vSphere Virtual Machine Migration
    • Virtual Machine Replication.
    • Migrating a Virtual Machine.
    • Deploying the Replication Appliance.
    • Replicating and Recovering Virtual Machines.

XenServer Virtualization

  • XenServer Hypervisor Management
    • Installing and Configuring a XenServer Hypervisor.
    • Installing and Configuring XenCenter.
    • Configuring a XenServer Hyperivsor.
    • Monitoring XenServer Performance.
  • XenServer Virtual Machine Management
    • XenServer Virtual Machines.
    • Creating and Configuring a Virtual Machine.
    • Installing a Guest Operating System.
    • Configuring XenServer Virtual Machine Settings.
    • Managing XenServer Virtual Machine Storage.
    • Configuring XenServer Virtual Machine Snapshots.
    • Configuring XenServer Virtual Machine Templates.
    • Moving Virtual Machines Between Hypervisors.
  • XenServer Virtual Networking
    • Creating an External Network.
    • Creating a Single-Server Private Network.

Cloud Based Virtualization

  • Cloud Computing Overview.
    • Cloud-Based Virtualization.
    • Creating a Virtual Machine in the Cloud.
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Frequently Asked Questions

No, this is an introductory course that gives a foundational understanding of a few different vendors, such as Hyper-V, Vsphere and XenServer.

 We can provide a certificate of completion upon request.

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